Mazahome is a property consultancy and a friendly place to help you buy and sell property in the area and with any matters related to your home and residency in Spain.

Your real estate in Mazarrón and Costa Cálida


We can guide you through the whole process of buying a house. We will help you to get all the information you need to buy the house with complete peace of mind, knowing that all the papers and the legal status of the house are in order. We make sure the process runs smoothly. We work with a very reliable notary and lawyers, if the client wishes to do so, to make sure that there are no last minute surprises.


We will deal with all matters related to selling your house, including publicity and marketing. We will make sure the house fulfils all the requirements for sale, that it has all the correct paperwork and it is in perfect order. We target all potential clients – local and abroad.

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