About Us

Mazahome is a property consultancy. Our friendly and reliable staff are professional people with connections in the area who have been working in the property business for years. We work with notaries and lawyers who can speak your language and will help you make the process as easy as possible. We will make sure there are no legal issues to worry about and help you at all stages of the process: before, during and after.


Miren Cayuela Castillejo

I am originally from Madrid but my family roots are in Totana and Mazarrón has been my second home all my life.

My university degrees are related to teaching and psychology, I am a teacher specializing in English and I have a Bachelors degree in Psychopedagogy but life’s paths have led me to the real estate world because of my knowledge of the language, of foreign countries and people (I lived in the UK for seven years and in the US) and my business heritage. I have always loved the commercial world and working with people.

Mazahome differs from other real estate agencies in that we really work to find a home at a good price and value for money and to make the process as easy as possible so that our clients do not have to worry about anything. We provide a great service to both the buyer and the seller and we take care of all the paperwork. The hallmarks of our company are concern for our clients and our local knowledge.


Cati Celdrán Esparza

Our priority at Mazahome is to find the best option for potential buyers and actively seek out sales for our clients properties. We pride ourselves on our honesty and commitment. It is a real estate agency that will stand by you and solve any problems that may arise before, during or after the purchase. Because our commitment to customers goes beyond a mere economic transaction.


Jorge León Gutiérrez Hoyos

I am a Colombian and an admirer of this land who has been living here for 21 years. I am an Industrial Technical Engineer, a graduate of the Technological University of Pereira. My main job in Colombia was in administration and sales in the motorcycle industry for a Japanese multinational. I also worked in the electrical engineering industry for a local Colombian company.

I arrived in Spain, learned the art of tiling and flooring and worked for many years with the builders of the area; work that allowed me to learn about the construction of the properties that we now sell.

Our goal is to carry out our work in a responsible, knowledgeable and professional manner to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients in all the services we provide.

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